The Drums of Anfield

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Torres star, though consistently bright to the naked eye, had for keen observers Liverpool fans been in subtle decline since peaking between and The goals still flowed, just not as fluidly. The swagger and class retained, just not as consistently. The lightening acceleration still a possibility, but increasingly less a probability. He could run, but he would also hide. Ultimately only he can mitigate those losses, either by starting to score some not the best bet thus far or by showing real courage in his desire to resurrect his career, and take the mother of all pay cuts to get a rejuvenating move.

For Fernando there are still wrongs he could yet right.

The drums of Anfield

He could yet accept that sometimes success and achievement are not owned simply by the individual upon whose name the approbation is heaped. He could recognise, as perhaps Steven Gerrard did when faced with similar life choices, that maybe, just maybe, there is magic Mersey stardust in the air at Melwood and in its famed boot room.

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He might acknowledge that perhaps the glory was always truly entrenched in that field of Anfield Road. A football man at any rate. Malaga or Paris St Germain, fuelled with new sugar daddyfied millions, might. The ones that score too.

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  5. Those guys. The club to which Torres used to belong.

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    If the Spanish and the French turn their fancy nouveau riche noses up at Torres come January, is it then too intriguingly perverse to consider that a deal with Liverpool could be struck? It is a sign of these times that the following may have to come to pass to free Fernando from his mental and contractual shackles. That gesture of surrender will have to come gift wrapped with a similar scale of concession from the player himself.

    In a big way.

    Greengairs Thistle Flute Band - Outside Anfield Stadium Hillsborough Memorial

    Of course, all this remains highly speculative stuff. What seems clear enough though, is that if the player continues to flounder that his value will decimate, and that both parties will at some point have to take some real pain. He has not been AWOL on the pitch like Torres but has made himself persona non grata off it, to such an extent, that City, like Chelsea, are going to have to face up to the need to seriously compromise financially.

    The new wave of soccer Sabrematricians and Moneyball men saw all this coming. The winners in the Moneyball game, they believe, will be those that buy clever, with re-saleability never far from the top of their agenda. It cost them double that. Quidditch Through the Ages. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Nevermoor: Nevermoor.

    Stewart Copeland visits young musicians in West Everton

    Jessica Townsend. Northern Lights. Philip Pullman. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Old School. The Brilliant World of Tom Gates. Liz Pichon. Grandpa's Great Escape. Roald Dahl. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. The World's Worst Children. Your review has been submitted successfully. We can only do what we can do. Has played a part? Left a legacy? Made a contribution? I cannot say. Instead all I can do is to be hopeful. Hopeful that the kids who read the story will now think twice should they ever get the chance to join in with a bunch of idiots making like chimps because the other team has a black player.

    Have we kicked racism out of football? Not completely.

    We never will. But it is a whole hell of a lot better than it was. Have we kicked racism out of life? Not even close.

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    The racial bloodbath in Rwanda came less than fifty years after the tanks of the Red Army rolled up to the gates of Auschwitz Birkenau. Christ, this is a dark sort of a blog!

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    Most people read the thing in a few hours. Lots of Mancs have had lots of nice things to say about me after my Sir Alex tribute. Posted by Mark Frankland at AM. No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Total Pageviews. Popular Posts. Once upon a time I was a big fan of the BBC. What a long lost era it seems now. As a much younger man I travelled to plenty of countries w Sometimes we need a close up view of something small to get a better view of something huge.

    Something like this. It's an Over the last thirteen years working at First Base I have been left feeling angry and appalled too many times to count. Angry and appalle Over recent months those of us who support the dream of an Independent Scotland have had to absorb wave after wave of discouraging news. On Monday morning I chained myself to my laptop and forced myself to get on with a put off task - the dreaded accounts.

    It didn't take News teams from countries descended on Scotland for the big vote. No doubt their editors back at home had tasked them with collec This has felt like a real game changing week for the cause of Scottish Independence. At long last we seem to be getting onto the ground w All of my life I have always felt kind of bemused when watching people talking about how much love they have for their country.