Holistische Innovation: Konzept, Methodik und Beispiele (German Edition)

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Description of person representing this event or brand. Clean and Simple. List Item. Ready To Go. Speaker Name. Job Title. Company Name. Speaking on:. Topic of conversation. David Doe. Designer - Redshoe. CEO Barkbook. Text Block 6. Quick Solutions. Fast and Easy. Leitthemen Key topics Change Management. Leitthema Key Topic Die intelligente Fabrik zum Anfassen und Begreifen. Smart Factory — Touch and Feel. Kontext Context. Wer teilnehmen sollte und warum Who should attend and why. Innovationsausstellung Innovation Fair.

Programm Program. Das Programm wird derzeit produziert. The program is currently being produced. Frank L. Key-note Industrie 4.

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Die vernetzte Fabrik und ihre smarten Bausteine. Mensch und Arbeit in der smarten Fabrik. Wann sind wir am Ziel? KG Dr. Florian von Baum , Partner Pinsent Masons.

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Ergebnisse aus der Fraunhofer-Werkstatt. Redner Speaker.


Axel Stepken. Speaker Block 3. Speaker Block 4. Tim Dellas. Ascora GmbH Dipl. Thomas Hoffmeister. Gesine Last. Stefan Lutz. Andreas Popp. Ralf Rieken. Armin Ritter. Dirk Schlesinger. Speaker Block 2. Volker Kreidler Head of Industrie 4. Eine Provokation? Geht nicht? Doch, kann! Klaus Doppler". Panel "Vernetzt innovieren" Geschwindigkeit ist nicht alles. Regional Vice President, salesforce. Willem Bulthuis. Alexander Dolan. Klaus Doppler.

Michael Fritz. Masanori Fujita. Robert Gallenberger. Venture Partner, b-to-v Partners AG. Annabell Geidner. Herbert Ginzinger. Managing Director, Ginzinger electronic systems GmbH. Volker Kreidler. Senior Vice President Industrie 4. Stefan Lippautz. Dieter Meuser. Igor Mikulina. Gerhard Otterbach. Kristin Paetzold. Detlev Richter.

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Alexander Vencken. Florian von Baum. Georg von der Ropp. Florian Weigmann. Jamie Wilkie. The Final Countdown! Time left for the event days hours minutes seconds. The countdown doesn't work if the event start date is set to TBD. The great opportunity for the best start-ups from Europe and abroad! Application due date is August 27th, Apply NOW! Who should apply? Machines, devices, sensors and people that connect and communicate with one another. Digital Twins. Technical Assistance. Decentralized Decision-Making.

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Artificial Intelligence. Analyzing industrial data and self-learning algorithms. Signal Processing, Understanding and Analysis. Signals include images, sound, x-rays, and vibration. Why apply? Pitching Opportunity. Open Innovation Fair. Free Participation. Participation Requirements. Programmkomitee Program Commitee.

Venture Partner at b-to-v Partners AG. Franz Lehmann. Armin Pfoh. Martin Vetter. Nano Dimension. The Jury and the conference participants have voted! Bernstein Technologies. Dynamic Components. Incubed IT. Kizy provides end-to-end supply chain visibility in real time, anywhere in the world. Multiphoton Optics. Scortex brings intelligence to machines with a turnkey platform as a service.

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  5. Who has Evaluated the Award Applications? We want to fulfill real needs of people and be meaningful for clients, employees, and the society. We to not refer to our work as success until it makes a noticeable difference in everyone's quality of life. Fozzy summed up everything there is to know about the methodology that he and the team of Innovationsmanufaktur developed themselves in a book in German only : Eckehard "Fozzy" Moritz : Holistische Innovation - Konzept, Methodik und Beispiele Springer Verlag, Heidelberg.

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