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Several other companies are rumored to be working on futuristic automobiles. Created by David Brody and a team of aviation experts, the TriFan has two gas-turbine engines , two wing-mounted fans and can reach a speed of up to miles per hour and an altitude of 30, feet. The real question is — then what? The flying car price should be fairly competitive with many high tech, luxury vehicles on its release date.

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Only time will reveal the actual cost of a car that can fly. Flying car companies will eventually also have to learn how to offer drivers insurance and mitigate risks associated with flying and driving.

It might be a rocky road to meeting stringent requirements that must be met for a car to get on the road and a plane to get in the sky. First test flight was on January 22, , in Manassas, Virginia.

Flying Car - 2019 Pal -V Liberty - World's First Flying Car You Can Buy Now

Possible forerunner to future Uber Air vehicle. Granted certification and executed manned flights starting in Powered by nine high-capacity batteries feeding 18 electric drives. Range of 17 miles at cruise speed of 43 mph. Max speed of 62 mph. Samson Switchblade Two-passenger roadable aircraft developed in Redmond, Oregon.

Flying car may reach Brazil with the cost of two Ferraris | Texto em inglês com áudio

Powered by hp liquid-cooled 1. Max road speed: mph.

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Range: miles. More than 1, test flights conducted in last three years at heights up to 1, feet.

Aska flying car concept revealed in Israel

Rated payload: pounds. Charge time: 1 hour. Single-seat eVTOL. Fixed tandem wings, joystick fly-by-wire controls, capable of fully autonomous flight. Cruising speed: 62 mph. After working on the design for two years, startup NFT will unveil a model of the Aska at an Israeli conference on Monday. We're revealing the design exclusively here, along with the company's plan to test-fly it in the first quarter of and to start selling it in The newly named Aska -- Japanese for flying bird -- will be the size of a large SUV when on the road and will fit three passengers, said Chief Executive Maki Kaplinsky.

Passengers will drive to a nearby open area the size of a few parking spaces, most likely a designated spot near a highway or in a big parking lot. There, the Aska will extend its wings, take off vertically and fly autonomously for a typical range up to miles -- no pilot required.

Then it'll descend to another open space and drive the last distance to its destination. Building a flying car won't be easy. It's been nearly 80 years since automotive pioneer Henry Ford wrote in , "Mark my word: A combination airplane and motor car is coming. Hybrid designs like NFT's that bridge two worlds can be dogged by compromises. But NFT believes the Aska's aircraft-car combination will succeed through door-to-door convenience. If you have to take an Uber car to a launch pad, hail a flying taxi, then hail another Uber at the other end of the flight, you'll spend so much time waiting for connections that you might as well have just driven a boring old car stuck on the ground.

NFT's Aska flying car -- shown in a computer rendering -- is designed to drive on the road then fly one to three passengers up to miles. The Aska is about 20 feet long in its road configuration, with wings folded across its back. When set up to fly, it'll have a wingspan of about 40 feet. It doesn't need a runway. Ducted fans enclosed within the wings and piercing the body of the vehicle itself will propel the aircraft vertically. After takeoff, rear-facing fans will thrust it forward so the wings can generate lift and the Aska can fly longer distances more efficiently than a more drone-like design can.

Using wings -- not just rotors -- brings other advantages, Guy Kaplinsky said. They let the Aska glide down to a landing zone in a quiet spiral descent.